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Published May 14, 21
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Onto this galvanized plate is a piece of devices that has a 316 stainless steel base. Will there be any galvanic deterioration problems between the galvanized plate and the stainless plate?

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Hi, Todd. A galvanic deterioration cell requires 3 things: metals of differing possible, a metallic course in between them, and an ionic course (wet path) in between them. It's severity depends upon how far the metals differ in potential (stainless and zinc are far away), how damp and conductive the wet course is, and sometimes the relative surface locations (a big location of nobler metal is an even worse circumstance than a big location of active metal).

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The 2 parts ought to be electrically separated with plastic shims, bushings, and washers, I think. Regards, Ted Mooney, P.E. finishing. com - Pine Beach, New Jersey Might 27, 2008 A. Ted is right ... If you look at galvanized boat trailers, it is typical to see the frame and parts hot dipped, and the fasteners SS.

David Jaye Houston, Texas April 19, 2012 Q. Much of the topics associated with the Zinc/SS are about clamps and sea locations. We have a job where we are placing 3" L 1/4-20 countersunk zinc plated steel screws through a post and attaching with stainless-steel washers, lock washers and nuts.

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Anyhow, I'm presuming they are simply zinc layered as I really do not feel they are galvanized. Given that the primary pole is heavy and I do not want to remove it later on to replace any hardware, I was thinking about utilizing stainless steel nuts and washers beneath the main pole's installing plate.

Since the J bolts are zinc coated, will it be acceptable to mount the stainless-steel nuts and washers on the J bolts beneath the pole? Or would it be advised that I stick with just zinc layered hardware? My primary concern is having to remove the pole in later years simply to change terribly rusted washers or nuts.

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We are situated in South Carolina and not near the coast, but because this hardware will be really near ground level, it will be damp at times. Thanks so much for your help!

What would be inappropriate on an airliner might be an unimportant concern on a basketball backboard. What you haven't pointed out is what the pole is made from, and that might affect the response ... Zinc is cathodic to stainless steel and will corrode to attempt to "safeguard" the stainless. But stainless can likewise be rather 'passive', i.

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If you are looking for a services or product related to metal finishing, please examine these Directories:.

Sharing is caring! Metals are generally prone to rust, specifically if they do not have the best substances to withstand rust. Water and oxygen are essential representatives of rust, and metals are bound to come into contact with these conditions. Among the most known rust resistant products is stainless steel.

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It is recommended that you utilize stainless-steel washers due to the fact that they will keep your structure intact for long. The material will not rust even if the you utilize the screws and washers for marine functions. Click here. Below are some crucial advantages that make stainless-steel the ideal product to utilize for washers.

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